Exercise & Longevity: Are They Linked?

//Exercise & Longevity: Are They Linked?

Exercise & Longevity: Are They Linked?

Whether it comes to weight loss or just following a healthy lifestyle in general, healthy eating isn't everything. Experts know how exercise is an important part of the picture too, and that's not all- recent studies have linked it to longevity too.
Sounds too good to be true? It is actually not! Read on to discover the evidence behind this link, how much exercise you should get, and how to get yourself into it even if you're a lazy person! 

What's the Evidence

Several studies have found that engaging in regular, moderate physical activity such as brisk walking can actually increase an individual's life expectancy by several years depending on the individual's lifestyle and weight. These observations were seen among people of all ages, races and among both men and women, and even among individuals with chronic health conditions such as heart disease and cancer. 

Infact, it was also found out that there is a direct relationship between the amount of time spent in exercise with the increase in life expectancy. 

If that has you interested, and you're looking to dig deeper into discovering exercises that boost longevity, make sure you check out this book by Patricia Adams that covers it all. 

So How Much Really?

As per the Mayo Clinic, one should engage in approximately 30 minutes of moderate physical activity a day. Swimming, brisk walking, running, aerobic dancing and even moving the lawn can all qualify as moderate physical activities.
If you've been living a sedentary lifestyle, aim to reduce your sitting time as well. Try to spread out your exercise throughout the day as opposed to working out in one go. 

Exercise for the Lazy

Think push ups and pull ups are not for you? Are you someone who likes the comfort of their couch or office chair too much to put on those running shoes and get out for some exercise? You're not alone. If you're lazy or even just too busy to find the time to engage in an actual workout, here are a few tips to get that much needed physical activity. 

  • Make it a point to stand up and walk around every hour. In the middle of a Netflix binge or a report due? Just do it. Get up, walk a few steps and get back to what you were doing. 
  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator. If you live on the higher floors, get off 2 floors before and climb them! 
  • Get off the bus or cab a stop or two early and then walk the way. 
  • Vacuum more often, change the sheets and go on a cleaning spree- just anything that gets you off from the bed. 
  • Park farther away when you're at a mall and walk the distance. 

Looking to get started with some exercises that improve flexibility? Here’s a little download to get you going!

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