How to balance a career with a successful side-hustle

//How to balance a career with a successful side-hustle

How to balance a career with a successful side-hustle

Most of us are seeking fulfillment and are striving for a sense of purpose. Some of us have found a cause, a project or a side-hustle that they are committed to. But few of us have found the secret to balancing the time needed for a full-time career with the hours of commitment required by the self-hustle. Too often, by the time we are done with work, all we are mentally and physically capable of is flopping on the sofa and binge watching on Netflix.

Before you give in to this easy temptation, you need to know that devoting time to your side-hustle is possible and achievable if you follow a set of simple rules. The key is to have successful time-management and to integrate the tasks you need to complete in your overall routine. Remember that one of the main reasons we avoid completing something even when we know it’s important is because it seems like it’s too big a task or we feel overwhelmed by how much effort it will require from us. Now add to that the fact that your side-hustle may not hold you accountable to deadlines and the fact that you are already exhausted and the probability of completing any work is likely to be zero.

 So how do we get this passion of ours up and running?

 Learn to Work Flexibly.

The first thing you need to do is learn to work flexibly. What does this mean? Well, just as you sometimes take work home with you (and if you are a teacher, change this sometimes to always) then learn to spend sometime working on your side-hustle in your free time or breaks at work. This could mean that you devote ten or fifteen minutes with your morning coffee break to responding to your side-hustle emails. Or it could include sketching out some ideas before you stop for lunch. Or even getting in twenty minutes before everyone else and getting some writing done. Find little snippets of time that you can use to complete some tasks.

Who is holding you Accountable?

The second thing you must do is build yourself an accountability system. Involve someone as your check up buddy. This could be a best friend who you know will always check whether you’ve completed your goals for the week or not. It could be your partner who’ll remind you to spend some time on your projects instead of browsing through your instagram feed. Whoever it is, make sure you have someone who will hold you accountable, even it is an app. (I like the todoist app. It keeps appearing on my phone and sends me so many emails so that every time I see the overdue message I feel so guilty and that in itself is enough to jolt me into action.)

 Get someone else to do the work: Outsource.

One more thing that will help immensely and will probably be your favorite out of the lot, is to get someone else to do the job for you. This doesn’t mean that you’re not doing anything yourself, it simply means that you outsource a lot of the work that would normally take you too much time. Think about hiring a designer on fiverr to complete some artwork, or a writer on upwork to write some excellent copy. Perhaps even if a virtual assistant to complete some tasks on your to do list. Getting someone else to do the job for you could also mean automating your work processes or setting up templates for things that you do frequently. Look for tasks that are repetitive and see if you can automate them like your social media posts. Hootsuite for example can help you do that instead of having to post everything yourself.
Finding the balance between your full time job and your side-hustle will help you reach your personal goals and increase your sense of fulfillment, so switch off that last series you were watching and get to work!









The number one thing you need to do, and yes you have heard it before is set your goals. Make them SMART goals. That means they have to be specific (write down exactly what you need to do and when), they need to be measurable (decide how much you want to do-if you are a writer then specify how many words you will write), attainable and realistic (ensure that you can achieve these goals and that they are not impossible) and time bound (by the end of the week, this will be finished). If you do not set your goals, the likelihood of you competing the task is almost zero. You may have heard of the Harvard study where a group of MBA students were asked what there goals were. Some had written down their goals, while a group of others had just related them orally. What they found ten years later was astounding. The group that had written down their goals were

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