Why are we tired all the time?

//Why are we tired all the time?

Why are we tired all the time?

When you want to have it all – but you’re just so exhausted!

Modern life is hectic for all of us – but when you are a woman trying to have it all it gets just downright exhausting! Tiredness and fatigue seem to go hand-in-hand with a successful family life, a good career, a tidy home, a fit body and a healthy skin routine – although we can’t imagine why… With all this rushing around it’s important that we don’t let our tiredness beat us down. We women need to find ways to combat our tiredness and live our fullest life… which is why we felt the need for this article.

We want to look at different ways you can beat the blues and overcome the fatigue. According to Psychology today this fatigue is more widespread in the US than in other areas of the world and this is in part due to the difference in maternity leave. In the USA women get six weeks paid maternity… the average in Europe is between 16 and 20 weeks with the forerunners being the UK – who give a full year!

So you American ladies have every right to complain!

Stopping the exhaustion

We want to put a stop to this, so we decided to research a few ways you could fight back against the tiredness!

Stress is the biggest factor!

According to Harvard, stress is what is exhausting us. One of the biggest things that will change this is lightening how much of a burden we are carrying. If you find yourself rushing all day from one task to another you have got too much on your plate. Choose the least important thing – which is usually doing something for someone else because, let’s face it, we all think we are Superwoman – and cut it out of your life. This vital change will help you to no end… and maybe even buy you a long lie once in a while.

Eat your way lively!

The fabled National Health Service of England tells us that nutrition is a big part of why we feel so sluggish. Big meals eaten two or three times a day are fine for ensuring you are ticking along; but if you feel particularly tired recently try breaking those meals down into smaller portions more often. You might simply be running out of energy before your next big meal. Nuts are a great way to boost nutrition through healthy snacking, so carry some with you for a mid-morning boost.

Check your Health!

Women are at constant risk of Anemia because we suffer once a month. If you are regularly down and tired it might be a problem with your iron levels, your heart or some other health issues. Anti-Histamines can cause tiredness and, according to Web MD, you should always check the state of your health if you are regularly fatigued.

We hope we have managed to enlighten you a little about why the modern woman is so exhausted. Try our guidelines and see if we can’t make you feel at least a tiny little bit better!

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