Why Striving For A Promotion May Actually Make You A Better Mother

//Why Striving For A Promotion May Actually Make You A Better Mother

Why Striving For A Promotion May Actually Make You A Better Mother

Motherhood is a very daunting task on its own. As a mother, you are expected to be a “Jack of all Trades.” Apart from being a mom, you are expected to be a teacher, a role model, a confidant to your kids and a loyal wife to your husband.

Combining work makes it a pain in the ass. Most women ended up forsaking their career for the betterment of their home and family. While this is not a bad move in entirety, combining career and motherhood is more appealing especially in this poor economy, relying on the father alone cannot take care of home expenses. That’s if you are lucky enough to have a supportive partner.

Our society frowns at ambitious women who are not willing to sacrifice their career for motherhood. People often see them as not caring and in extreme cases isolate those women.

The moment you become a mother, our society expects you to discard your ambitious lifestyle. If you have to work, they expect you to settle for mediocrity and not strive for a top position in the workplace.

We are here to tell you that striving for promotion is not only better for your career but will also help you become a better mother.

And here are the reasons why:

· Better Organization

Pursuing a promotion at your workplace will help you to be more organized both at home and at the office. You know that failure to stay organized can have a negative impact on your work and your family.

As such, you automatically develop ways to be more organized; doing this will help you to stay at the top of your game as a mother and an employee. You wouldn’t want one to affect the other. Thus you are left with no choice than to buckle up.

· Improved Multitasking

Mothers are unrivaled when it comes to multi-tasking. Having a caring and supportive partner can help you work less especially at home. But when you are a single mom, striving for promotion at work will help you step up your multitasking role. I am not saying this comes naturally, but knowing that you have to maintain a balance between work and family will propel you to take more courses and read more books on multitasking. Eventually, when you have mastered this, you will find it easier to become everything to your children.

· Stronger Relationships

From my years of experience as a working mom, I have come to realize that ambitious women maintain a better relationship with their children and husband that full housewives and work from home moms. This is because the moment you let your kids know that you are working assiduously to secure a better financial future for them, they tend to appreciate you the more and respect your stance as a working mom and committed employee. Initially, your children may feel abandoned and consider you uncaring. The key to overcoming this discrepancy is to engage in open communication. Have a one-to-one dialogue with each of your child and let them know why you have to work out your sucks. With time, they will value your dedication to work and respect your relationship with them as an ambitious mom.

Learn to ignore the distractions from society. Focus on your purpose and maintain a balance between parenting and work. Stop comparing yourself with other moms who have a different view as you. Remember, we are all running a race with varying goals in mind. You really deserve an accolade!

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